Brown’s Bay Packing Company has been custom processing farmed fresh salmon in the spectacular Seymour Narrows of British Columbia since 1989....more

Did you know that Here in BC, as in other places where salmon are farmed, Atlantic salmon are the most common species grown. Atlantics make up a little more than 80% of total farmed salmon production in this province, with the remainder made up of native Pacific salmon species (mainly Chinook and Coho). For interesting industry statistics please visit the "facts and figures" area of our website.

Farm salmon are fresh, healthy products, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can keep our bodies and minds healthy. Salmon farmers work with government inspectors and researchers to ensure farm salmon meets the highest standards for quality and freshness. The growing range of value-added products - including smoked salmon, boneless fillets, salmon sausage, lox, pate, and many other preparations of farm salmon - provides even more delicious ways to enjoy salmon. For more information please visit the "resources" area of our website.

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